The Key to Happiness

Do you know who your worst enemy is? No, it’s not your boss who makes going to work each day miserable for you. …Or your former partner who threatens to reveal all your deepest secrets.
In fact, your most dangerous enemy is not a person at all…Your worst enemy is your own thoughts.
How many of humankind’s problems were of our own making? War, pollution, discrimination, abuse…
They all started with a thought whether that thought came from greed or apathy, anger or pure hatred, these things began inside someone’s mind – or, worse, the minds of many people.
The problem with thoughts is that you carry them with you wherever you go every minute of every day.
You might escape from an outside force, but your thoughts accompany you to even the most secluded places.
Negative thoughts steal your present but you own them, and you can control them, beginning with self-awareness. Self-awareness is the knowledge of controlling your thoughts.
We must always be aware of our thoughts. Only then can we really come alive!

Whenever you are worried, angry, or anxious, it means you are thinking negatively about the past or future.
The solution is to spend more time in the present moment. You can do this by controlling your thoughts. If this becomes a daily habit, your consciousness will rise, and your life will change for the better.
The instant you wake up in the morning, before thoughts start to crowd your mind, you are in the present or if a voice calls your name unexpectedly, all your thoughts stop as you focus on that voice.
A break from the past and future is created, if only for a short moment. Your inner consciousness is allowed to bubble to the surface like a spring, and you see life with your inner eye.
Learn to create moments like these for yourself. Over time, this pure and infinite will become more and more familiar and last longer.
A poem by Rumi explains what I am saying. Rumi said, “The world gives birth to a new event every moment.
Do not be afraid of the events of this ever changing world.
Every incident can create sadness or joy, both of which are temporary. You are not supposed to stay in certain circumstances until the end of your life.  do not worry . Do not think about everything that is lost and belongs to the past, and do not be afraid of the future that has not yet come. Let each of your cells feel that,  this is the key to happiness and peace.

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    I hope everything is fine with you. Please let me know the steps of discovering your inner side. aramsadeghy

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